WWE SuperCard Hack : Top 11 Cheats to Get Free Credits in 2020

wwe supercard hack

wwe supercard cheats

WWE Supercard is a treat to all the wrestling game lovers. This game has immense popularity as it is the game of collectable cards of WWE Superstars.

The two main currencies in this game are energy and credit. You have to take a good knowledge of WWE Supercard Hack and cheats before you start the game.

The game has several game modes through which you can earn the resources to make your game much more enjoyable. Resources help you to survive in the game for a longer period.

WWE super cards have all the favourite wrestlers from the past till present. The main goal is to create the best team and face off in the matches.

All you have to do is to collect the cards to design and build your deck to experience the thrilling battles across the multiple modes, features like PVP and real-time events.

You can play with the millions of other WWE Supercard players from all over the world and experience this massive gameplay.

Before we start with the real WWE Supercard cheats and hacks, we will first focus on the truth behind WWE Supercard Mod apk and generators.

Top 11 WWE Supercard Hack & Cheats For Unlimited Credits

1. Take Part in King of Ring Tournament

King of the ring is the 32 player tournament to become a champion. There are a total of five rounds in the competition that starts with qualifiers round. In each round, you will compete against another player in the series of the game.

Make use of this WWE Supercard cheats only if you have a sturdy deck of cards that help you to go further in the game. Make sure to use the enhancement cards to boost up the stats of your superstars because enhancement lasts for the entire tournament.

The rewards you earn will be based on your overall performance in this tournament. The farther you go, the better your rewards.

2. Compete in PvP Leagues

There are four PVP modes, i.e. War, Royal Rumble, Women’s Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber. Only one mode will be active during each league.

Playing in PVP games is one of the useful WWE Supercard hack that helps to build the Momentum, collect league points and also helps you to grab the higher position on the leaderboards.

Building momentum will help you to grab some freebies and also unlock the momentum slots for the next leagues.

3. Make Sure to Use QR Codes And Supertokens

Presently the game is providing the QR codes and Supertokens that help players to grab WWE Supercard free credits. Scan the QR code that will help you to get 300 Credit points, but you must keep in mind that you can use this QR code 1 time for 1 account.

Making use of Supertoken will offer you the ultra race card and two rare cards. Supertoken can be shared up to 3 friends.

4. Participate in Heroic Events

Participating in the heroic events is one of the useful WWE Supercard cheats for all the players who complete the solo events like ring domination, over the limit etc. once you claim the final event card, you can start with your heroic journey.

In this event, the basic gameplay will not change, but the extra rewards are available for you to earn as you do progress in the game.

If you get success to reach the end of this event, you will get the heroic updated as your reward, which will automatically apply to the event’s card from the normal mode, unlocking its heroic skills.

5. Watch Ads

The game offers different sources to earn the in-game resources and watching commercials is one of the excellent and simple WWE Supercard cheats.

This may consume your internet connection and time as well, but watching ads will also update you with the new games available in the gaming world.

These ads are not too long to watch; they only take 15 to 30 seconds of yours and offer you the four draft picks.

6. Play the Fights

Playing in the battles is one more excellent ways to earn WWE Supercard free credits. The game has many ways through which you can grab a handsome amount of currency and playing battle is one of them.

Play the game by using the WWE Supercard cheats that work and if you win, you can collect the 4 drift pics and even if you lose then don’t worry because then also you are getting 2 drift cards.

7. Wait For The Right Time to Use Support Cards

Support card can be used an only single time in every match so waiting for the right time to use is one of the great WWE Supercard cheats. Choose the support card prior to the wrestle and wait for the ideal time to use it. So be alert while using the support card in the battles.

8. Have Two Exact Same Cards Then Merge Them

Two of the same superstar cards can be combined to make a pro. This will add some additional skills to the card. Two superstar cards will be consumed in the process, but you will receive a brand new pro version of the card.

Don’t forget that the pro superstars have much better stats and stronger than their non-pro counterparts.

9. Select the Opponent Who is Weaker than You

At the beginning always selects the opponent who has the high losing record than winning. This will automatically help you to win the match by defeating them.

Doing this will help you to practice the game before you start the matches with the powerful opponent. The one who has high records for losing the match that means their deck is not balanced well.

Practicing the matches with the weak opponent will help you to learn the techniques of the game so that you will be master in it.

10. Use Rare Cards for Training Purpose

Rare cards can be used for the training purpose. Train your superstar cards to level them up and raise in their stats. Select the superstar first whom you wanted to train after that select the card that will be used for XP.

Once enough XP is earned, then your superstar will automatically reach to the next level. This WWE Supercard cheats doesn’t allow taking more space by duplicate cards.

11. Manage your Deck With Minimum Eight Superstars and Two Rare Divas

Your deck tier represents the strength of your deck for each game mode. Make use of this WWE Supercard hack to manage minimum 8 superstars including 2 divas in your deck.

This WWE Supercard cheats will help you to win the King of ring tournaments which offers you maximum rewards. Hence balance your deck well to go further in the game.

Is it Possible to collect Unlimited Credit Points and Energy?

The answer to this question is “NO.”

Nowadays, there are various WWE Supercard hack tools like mod apk and generators are trying to create greed in the mind of the players by offering them unlimited in-game resources. Still, these ways are totally illegal and fraud.

The developers of the game will not permit any of the online sources to provide such WWE Supercard online hacks because they have a significant hard work for creating such a fantastic game and the in-game purchases is only income source from the games.

WWE Supercard Generator and WWE Supercard hack apk are illegal, and I will strongly recommend you all not to opt for any illegal ways and don’t get trap in such scams.

Disclaimer: If you want Unlimited Credit and other in-game resources then buying them by spending real money is the only legal and one of the workable WWE Supercard Cheats.

Final Verdict

Here we are wrapping up with the list of legal WWE Supercars hack and cheats. With the help of these tips and tricks one can win the game for sure.

The game is very unusual and thrilling for all the wrestling lovers and making use of legal hacks and cheats will definitely help to grab the victory.

All the gamers who are playing this game can become a pro player by just following some simple tips and tricks mentioned above.

If you know any other hacks and cheats that you want us to mention in our list, then please share in the below comment section.

Stay with us for more details. Till then, Bye!

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