Pixel Car Racer Cheats to Get Free Currency in the Game Legally in 2020

Pixel Car Racer Cheats

You may have seen lots of pixel car racer cheats to get free currency in the game like cash, diamonds and much more.

But you haven’t noticed that there are several legal cheats also that could help you earn free currency for Pixel Car Racer game. Today, we will talk about them only.

When you play any game, the difficulties increase as you move up the levels. That is why at the beginning of the game, the many modes are not available.

You can only play in the tournament mode or the story mode. But both of these will help you to get the coins.

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The more you will cross each level, and you will unlock the various new modes too. If you think that you can use the unlimited money apk of the game to unlock many modes even before you reach the right levels, then you are wrong. For you will be playing the game online.

Legit Pixel Car Racer Cheats for Free Currency

  • If you want to unlock some mode before you reach the actual level, then you have to use the stat power. If you have some stat power, don’t refrain from using it to boost the XP. As you increase the number of XPs in your store, you can move up the levels faster. Now you can understand why the unlimited money apk of the Pixel Car Racer is unable to give you much stat power. If you think that you have already unlocked a considerable number of modes, then you can continue to use the stat power to add the XPs to your profile.
  • When you reach the end of any race, you will get a particular number of coins if you win. You can accept the coins and go to the next level to continue the play. Or you can use some of the cheats mentioned pixel car racer hack and cheats, which will also add some coins to your profile. Immediately as you end a race, you will get the option to watch the video. You can either click on the cross button or can with it. If you ask us for expert advice, we will always tell you to watch the 30 seconds video, which will double up the winning amount.

Earn Free Cash without Spending a Single Penny in Pixel Car Racer

Earn Free Cash in Pixel Car Racer

  • If you visit the store of the Pixel Car Racer, there is always a chance to get the free coins. Just click on the garage symbol. When the page opens, you will notice the logo of a shopping cart right at the top of the left side of the screen. Visit the store from there and locate the Pixel Car Racer money glitch. You will get 25000 cash only if you watch a video right at that instant. You will not get the coins just for the next five minutes.
  • Keep on continuing the cycle after every five minutes until you have collected the necessary amount of the coins. You can utilize the coins to get all the modifications to make your car better than many others at the same level. If you can manage to get the alterations of a higher level at the elementary stage, nobody can stop you from being the winner.
  • If you are playing in the drag mode, then you can go for the manual mode of playing in the expert and amateur ways. It is a great cheat to earn more coins. A 33% boost in the coins is available when you are playing on the amateur mode while the expert mode play gives a 66% coin boost.

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